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Wash & Fold Laundry Pricing

Our flat-rate wash & fold pricing makes laundry predictable and affordable. We’ve eliminated the hassle and sticker shock of per pound pricing. Stuff your bags full; it doesn’t change the price!

Light Weight

Two Piece
Heavy Weight

Family Pack

Loads: 2


trash BAGS: (2) 13 gallon 


Loads: 2 - 3


trash BAGS: (3) 13 gallon 


Loads: 3 - 4


trash BAGS: (4) 13 gallon 


Loads: 4 - 5+


trash BAGS: (5+) 13 gallon 


$35.00 Order Minimum • Free Pick-up & Delivery 

Wash & Fold Laundry Pricing

Simply fill as many 13 gallon trash bag or your "Keys To Clean" laundry bag as full as you’d like, ensure the drawstring closes, and you’ll be charged a single flat rate  based on how many bags you have. Place a "Key To Clean" label on your bag  and your last name, to ensure it is for us. Purchase a reusable Key To Clean laundry bag during checkout to ensure privacy, additional protection of your clothing and a bag tag to assist with identification. 

All services include FREE Pick-Up & Delivery, selection of a detergent option and dryer sheet.

Select a pricing option based on how many bags you have:

The Two Piece

$35.00 Order Minimum • Free Pick-up & Delivery 
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