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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • How do I start service?
    Starting service is easy. Just Click Here to sign up or give us a call at ‪(469) 322-9494‬ and we'll get you all setup.
  • Do you offer dry cleaning services?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer dry cleaning services.
  • How much does your service cost?
    Pricing couldn’t be easier. We offer simple per bag pricing that includes FREE pick-up and delivery. Just one low price. A Key To Clean laundry bag would need to be purchased. The laundry bag ensures privacy, protection of clothing and comes with a bag tag. Click here for pricing.
  • Is there a delivery charge?
    There is no pick-up or delivery fee, as this is included in the per bag price.
  • How soon must I cancel my appoinment?
    You must cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment date and time.
  • Are there any upcharges or extra fees?
    The per-bag price covers your selection of one of the detergent options and dryer sheets. Additonal purchase of your Key to Clean laundry bag would need to be made.
  • What if I don't have a laundry bag?
    You can use any plastic bag or laundry bag for your first pickup. We do ask that you tag the laundry with “Key to Clean” and your last name so we know it’s for us. Please don’t use laundry baskets or hampers. Upon delivery of your clean laundry and with purchase, a laundry bag will be provided for your future laundry services.
  • What is the turnaround time?
    You can expect your laundry to be returned within 3 days of pick up.
  • Do you have a minimum order?
    Because pick-up and delivery is included in our per bag price, we do have a minimum of $35 per pick-up.
  • If I do not cancel my appointment within 24 hours will there be a charge?
    Yes, there will be a fee of 1/2 of the total cost for the service(s) scheduled.
  • Is there a missed pick-up fee?
    We’ve put in place an email reminder to help make sure you don’t forget. We do reserve the right to charge a missed pickup fee to cover costs. Contact us at ‪(469) 322-9494‬ or email us at . If our drivers are still in your area, we will make every effort to arrange for a pick-up.
  • Is there any contract or long-term commitment?
    None whatsoever.
  • What if I'm not home when you pick-up and deliver?
    No problem. When you book online, please leave the pick-up and delivery instuctions in the comments and we will take note of the pre-designated location where you can leave your laundry. Please ensure that it is safe from the elements and accessible to us. Some customers have us leave their laundry at their back door or in an apartment foyer if they are not home.
  • It's raining outside and I don't want my laundry to get wet. What should I do?
    When the weather’s bad we double-bag your laundry to make sure it’s protected from the elements. We always do our best to protect your laundry however, we cannot be responsible for laundry that is lost or damaged by the weather after it’s dropped off at your home.
  • Will my laundry be safe when left for pick-up /delivery?
    We deliver your clothes during daylight hours, when neighborhoods are the most active and safe. With that being said, the customer is responsible for items once they are left in the designated area, so we strongly suggest that your pickup/drop-off location be protected and safe.
  • Will my clothes be washed or dried with other customer's clothes?
    Ewww. Absolutely Not! We wash and dry our customers’ laundry individually in separate machines. Items are never washed together.
  • What happens if you lose/damage some garments?
    While we are known for our high-quality care, mistakes can happen. If we lose or damage an article, please notify customer service within 48 hours of the laundry being returned to you. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for laundry that is lost or damaged by the weather or after it’s dropped off at your home.
  • What types of detergent do you use?
    We currently offer 2 different detergents for wash and fold. We offer a scented option that consists of Tide detergent and Bounce "Outdoor Fresh" dryers sheets. We also offer an unscented option that consists of All Free & Clear detergent with Bounce unscented dryer sheets.
  • Can you wash in hypoallergenic detergent?
    Absolutely. We offer All Free & Clear as an option and it is NO extra charge.
  • Do you treat stains?
    Yes, we do. Please place all stained clothing in a separate bag with a note indicated the contents may need pretreating and we’ll do our best to get it out. While we’re usually successful at removing stains, we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to get it out. If you can pretreat the stain before putting the garment in the bag, it will increase the odds of success.
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